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I reported in my last post that I had received the test report that showed carotid stenosis. I actually got the report because I had managed to contract the crud my husband had and wound up going to the doctor and asked for it during my office visit. I wasn’t too worried about the crud at first because I was on antibiotics after my dental surgery, but when I ran out of those, the crud got worse and migrated to my chest. They first thought it was pneumonia but we’ve settled on severe bronchitis after the X-ray came back okay. After two doctor’s visits, two antibiotic shots, a full round of oral antibiotics, two breathing treatments, and two different inhalers I’m finally starting to feel human again.

I mentioned to my doctor’s PA that because of my compromised immune system, that it might just take a bit longer for me to get well. She nodded then said something very interesting. She said that also because of my immune system, my body may not respond to illness like other people’s. For example, she said, I might not run a fever when I have an infection.

One — I had never considered those types of ramifications before and, two, it’s wonderful to have a doctor and staff who DO understand a lot about those of us with RA and are on drugs that impact our immune system. My previous doctor (may he rest in peace) sort of dealt with RA like it was a separate situation which was under my rheumatologist’s care. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but now that I have a doctor who takes my RA situation into account with the other aspects of my healthcare, it’s made a world of difference.

On another topic, I’ve drawn a line in the sand with BlogSpot. When I started my blog (nearly six years ago now), I had a friend who had used WordPress, otherwise I could have just as easily used BlogSpot or one of the other blog hosting sites, so I have no preconceived notions. As time went on and I discovered other RA-related bloggers out there, I found several I follow who do use BlogSpot. It has always irked me that to post a comment, BlogSpot required you to log in (usually with your WordPress or other open ID) as well as do those “type these letters and prove you’re not a robot” things. Many times the verification wouldn’t work and I’d just give up. One of my favorite BlogSpot bloggers, Cateepoo, recently posted a wonderful post and I wanted to post a comment indicating how it resonated with me and how much I enjoyed it. Her BlogSpot site now requires you to log in with a Google+ account and opens a window for you to create one if you don’t have one (which I don’t). I’m not going to create a separate internet identity just so I can leave comments. I already have more internet doppelgangers than I’d like. IMHO, blogs are for openness in information, building community, and including people. Creating barriers to entry such as these is contrary to those objectives. And while I will continue to monitor and enjoy “The Life and Adventures of Cateepoo”, I won’t be commenting on it or other BlogSpot-hosted sites.

I hope that if you have a “B” in your life today, it stands for bountiful amounts of health and happiness. Thanks for checking in.