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After all the delays and confusion getting the insurance hurdles cleared and the first Remicade infusion appointment actually scheduled, I don’t have a lot to report except that my two-hour infusion actually took three hours because it took them more than an hour and seven different tries to find a vein. That’s pretty par for the course for me, but honest to God, I don’t know if I can go through that every six weeks.

Right now my next appointment is in two weeks for my second loading dose and four weeks after that for my final loading dose before I move to the every six-weeks schedule.

The actual infusion was pretty anti-climactic. Once we hit the vein, we got the medication bag hooked up and everything went smoothly. The next worst thing to the issues getting the IV started was being forced to abide the weekday morning games shows the other people in the infusion room wanted to watch on the television. It was pretty loud so I couldn’t just mentally block them out. It definitely made relaxing very difficult for me.

But the infusion was fine. I didn’t have any reactions. I have a mild headache but that may be from “The Price Is Right” rather than the Remicade. The infusion nurse was nice and really did try not to hurt me finding a vein, but I could tell she was getting concerned.

Fingers crossed that this treatment works. Thanks for checking in.