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I thought I’d diverge from the usual health-related topics of this blog and just put a few comments out there about my new iPhone6 and my experience with the Sprint retail store.

I looked online for information about the phones both from Apple and what my carrier (Sprint) offered and decided to go into a Sprint store so I could talk to real person.

I wound up getting the iPhone6 rather than the iPhone6 Plus due to the sheer size of the instruments. I have small hands and handling the smaller version is going to be enough of an issue without choosing the larger one. I did get the 64MB of memory rather than the 16MB, which is probably overkill for me, but I tend to load up on books and movies when I travel.

I wound up getting the model with the silver back which has a white face rather than the one with an all-black face like I prefer — simply because that’s what the store had available. I don’t really care one way or the other it’s just going to take some getting used to.

Transitioning was easy. All my contacts and settings were basically transferred from iCloud right down to the wallpaper on my phone. I did have to re-download my Kindle books from the cloud and input the password to my mail accounts (and I’m assuming any other apps that I use) the first time I used them. I also had a bit of a time synching Bluetooth to talk to my car, but nothing really too taxing. Of course when I first tried to synch with my computer, I had to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes, but that was a minor inconvenience as well.

Overall, I like the phone. The buttons are rearranged a bit to make it more usable in the larger size, which is good. I haven’t tried out the new camera/video yet which is supposed to be one of the hottest new features. The other notable new features include faster processing and longer battery life. Any addition to the battery life will be greatly appreciated as my old 4S would run out of battery after then end of a full day (or even not-so-full).

I have to admit that while my Sprint sales rep was very personable, he really wasn’t that knowledgeable.

  • I had to tell him that Sprint offered a minimum of $200 trade in against an iPhone6 (he originally offered me $142 or so for my old model).
  • It took him a couple of tries to get the option that I wanted for purchasing (purchase the phone outright — which was basically covered by their buy-back offer), and sign-up for a two-year contract at their ridiculously low $50/month.
  • He somehow managed to add in a $5/month international calling fee, which I then had to call Sprint customer service to remove. (I didn’t see the final bill until I got home and saw the email.)
  • While in the store, I wanted to do a final back up to the iCloud. (I hadn’t anticipated actually buying a phone today), and he “connected” me to a wireless network that wasn’t really working, so I wasn’t able to do that. Fortunately, the phone was recently backed up and I don’t think anything was lost.
  • He kept trying to sell me Sprint’s insurance plan and I kept asking about AppleCare+ because I like going to the Apple stores for support. I wound up not taking the Sprint insurance and he didn’t sell me the AppleCare+ so now I have to either call Apple or go by a store within the net 60 days.

Honestly, I did more selling/explaining about the programs and phone than he did.

It will take time getting used to the larger format and I need to buy new chargers and other accessories since I moved from a 4S to a 6. The Sprint store I was in was pretty sold out of most of those items, as I imagine many stores are at this time. I was just amazed that I could walk in off the street and buy one.

I think this will work. I carry my phone in my purse which is fine. My husband, however, carries his phone in a holster on his belt and I’m not sure he’ll like the larger size.

We’ll see. Thanks for checking in.