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Now it’s the  SI (sacroiliac) joint — where the spine (sacrum) joins with the pelvis(ilium).

About six or eight weeks ago I started having lower back issues. As this coincided with

Sacroiliac Joint

Sacroiliac Joint

changes in my RA medicine and drops in my prednisone dosage, I thought I would give it some time to resolve itself. I figured I’d just pulled something doing something I shouldn’t, but I honestly couldn’t remember anything.

Finally I went in to see my ortho guy. X-rays revealed a compressed joint on the right side. While the left side joint showed a dark line on the X-ray indicating cartilage/space in the joint, the right side was a white line indicating that the two bones are rubbing against each other.

Not to worry. It only hurts when I stand, bend, sit, or lay down. Other than that, I’m fine. I’m working my way through bottles of pain killers, NSAIDS, and Voltaren gel.

In the meantime, my ortho guy is sending me on to my spine guy and indicated that an injection in the SI joint is probably in order. These are done by interventional radiologists. Hopefully I’ll get an appointment with my spine guy this week and the injection scheduled soon. Other treatment options include physical therapy so that might be in my life too.

In other news, still waiting for the Remicade to “kick in.” I’ve had my three loading doses, but so far not much, if any change.

I hope the “sighs” in your life today are from happiness. Thanks for checking in.