Wow. For the fourth year in a row, Healthline has included me in their Best Health-Related Blogs along with some of my other favorite bloggers. It’s actually a contest where you can vote (twice a day) on Facebook and/or Twitter. (This means I can’t vote for myself or my other faves because I neither tweet nor, uh, “Face” — or is it “book”?)


Here’s a link to the site where you can check it out. You can sort the entries by alphabet or enter the name of the blog you’re looking for. In the unlikely event that I should win, the $$$ will go to one of the very deserving charities that Andrew Lumpe has identified on his “Giving Tuesday” post.

Congratulations to all the bloggers that were recognized. There are some great ones on a wide range of health-related topics. You should explore them!

Thanks for checking in.