So while I’m waiting for the insurance paperwork to trickle through the system I’m doing additional research on my new drug of choice, Kineret. Of course I’ve read all the “official” stuff on the Kineret website, the NIH website, Web MD, Drugs.com, the Mayo Clinic, etc. which basically all regurgitate the same information.

What I’m having trouble finding are actual patient experiences (blogs) with Kineret, especially for RA. I’ve found a few reviews and incidental information, particularly for its use with Still Disease and other conditions, but not much that I can find from those living with RA.

So please consider this a call for information/input. If you currently use or have used Kineret for your RA, I would appreciate a comment/response to this post. If you don’t want to post publicly, you can email me at carlak@tx.rr.com.

I appreciate everyone’s help.