So I’m in the middle of my third week of Kineret. I think it’s still a bit too early to tell if it’s working. It’s a bit weird. I think I generally feel better all over, but my joints are still sore and tender. I’m hopeful this means the drug is working and that it will eventually provide relief for the joints as well as the general inflammation.

The first week I didn’t have any injection site reactions, but toward the end of last week I started having a silver-dollar-sized rash around the injection site. It didn’t hurt or itch, but it also didn’t go away for several days. At first I thought it was kind of handy because I could see where I had injected and, judging by the how red the reaction was, how recently. But then I began to run out of room on my thighs (didn’t want to injection into an area that was already having a reaction). I’ve since switched to my abdomen and am hopeful that my thighs heal up before I run out of room on the new area. At least it doesn’t hurt or itch, which is a blessing. I had site reactions with other biologics but they usually calmed down after a few weeks, which is what I hope will happen here.

So, of course, it’s time to refill my Kineret prescription. My local specialty pharmacy, which I’ve been using since going on biologics, called and told me that I’d have a $1700 copay. This was a shock to my system since it didn’t cost me a dime in December. I had two or three conversations with them over the course of a couple of days with the reason initially being that it was a new year and therefore the deductibles start over. That didn’t make sense because the drug should be covered under the prescription part of my insurance, not the medical.

After further conversations, turns out that my local specialty pharmacy (which I love and it’s local so I can just go pick up my prescriptions — which is important for refrigerated drugs) is no longer in network with my insurance company. If I want to pay $150 instead of $1700, I had to switch to my insurance company’s specialty mail pharmacy and have the drugs shipped to me. (Don’t you just love it when insurance companies run your life?)

I hate giving up my local resource, but even if I could afford $1700 (which I can’t), it doesn’t make sense to spend that kind of money when I can get it for less than a tenth of that amount. I really wasn’t happy.

But I’ve been amazed. I talked to the new pharmacy people and they arranged to get my prescription transferred over that day. I got a phone call confirming it and they set up a delivery date. They ship overnight. I was out yesterday so I arranged to have it delivered today. I got an automated phone call telling me that it had been shipped with an order number and instructions that if I didn’t receive it as scheduled to call them. The people on the phone throughout the entire process were very courteous, knowledgeable, and respectful, answering all of my questions. They were so nice that I had a really hard time being grumpy.

So here we are in the new year with a new drug, a new pharmacy and new insurance rules. Hope your new year is starting well.

Thanks for checking in.