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It’s been more than two weeks since I last posted. It’s not that I’ve been ill (that’s the good news), it’s because I have been overwhelmingly, mind-bendingly busy. I promise that if it weren’t for prednisone, caffeine and Scotch, I might not be here to write this post. Here are some quick updates to bring you up to date.

  • I had a project that was due to be shipped last Monday. This necessitated 10 to 14 hour days, for two full weeks (including weekends) — thus the prednisone and caffeine. I was pretty much required to be on site (thus the Scotch — not at the client site, but after I finally made it home). Being on site added an hour a day due to the commute to the client office.
  • Last Monday, I was in the office at 7:00 am after having about four hours sleep. I got home at 3:30 am Monday morning (20.5 hours later). I got 2.5 hours of sleep, then I had to get up to take my husband to the hospital for cardiac ablation procedures. I have committed 30 hours a week to this client, so I think I’m good until sometime next June …
  • My husband has had heart arrhythmia issues since his bypass surgery a few years ago. The problems have increased to the point that his doctors agreed that the ablation procedures were called for. (He had two different kinds of procedures to address the two types of issues he had.) The procedures appear to be quite successful although I think my husband was a bit surprised about how much the surgery took out of him. But less than a week later, he is pretty much back to normal activities. The additional good news is that if things remain calm for a few months, he will probably be able to get off blood thinners.
  • I will tell you that sitting around a hospital waiting room for five hours when you’ve only had six hours of sleep out the previous 48 is very difficult. (More caffeine, more prednisone.)
  • In the midst of all this, I finally got my new insurance pre-approval process completed and have gotten my first shipment of Kineret from their specialty pharmacy. The good news is that the drug will only cost me a $60 copay instead of the previous $150 copay (saving me $90/month). I am saving an additional $900/month on the difference in premium costs on the new insurance vs. the old insurance. The more good news is that the new specialty pharmacy is a dream to work with. Really could not be happier.
  • What should have taken two days to get pre-approval took more than two weeks due to the incompetence of my rheumy’s nurse. This is the same person that caused my Remicade infusions to be delayed starting by more than a week. A discussion with my rheumy seems to have failed to make her realize this incompetence. I seriously considered switching doctors, which is saying a lot because I love my rheumy. I remain hopeful that the nurse’s incompetence will cause her to lose her job, so I can be rid of her and keep my doctor. If not, I will revisit my decision to change doctors. I don’t say this lightly because she’s helped me through a lot this past six years. But I am also lucky to be in an area where there are a number of top-notch rheumatologists I can see if we’ve come to the point where her practice no longer matches my needs.

I have generally been able to catch my life back up this week. My husband has been carrying the household load up until he went into the hospital. Once I got caught up on my rest, I’ve been able to get caught up on other things as well, including (finally) my blog. I apologize to all my blogger friends who have been doing some amazing posts that I haven’t had time to respond to them. Hopefully my life will be calmer in the coming weeks. (Not counting the new client project I just took on and the ice storm that’s headed this way.)

I hope your life has been calm, interesting, and blessed. Thanks for checking in.