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Seems like I’ve been neglecting my blog lately (more about that in a later post), but I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of interesting things. If you follow the same blogs I do, you may have already learned about these, but I think that just underscores their interest quotient.

Show Us Your Tats!

I don’t have tattoos so I can’t join, but Healthline.com has a wonderful collection of RA-inspired tattoos (who would have thought?) and the inspirational stories behind them. The collection can be seen at the Healthline site:  http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/rheumatoid-arthritis-tattoos#2

Healthline is currently accepting new submissions. If you have an RA-related tattoo that you’d like to share (and you know who you are …), send in a clear photo of the tattoo + short description, with the subject “My RA tattoo,” to Nicole Lascurain at nlascurain@healthline.com There are some other guidelines at the beginning at the tattoo slideshow (size of picture, word count, etc.), so please visit there first.

Help Document the RA Patient Experience

I have been having both live and email conversations with Keith Olsen at Zitter Health Insights which gathers both patient and physician experiences connected with various conditions including rheumatoid arthritis through http://www.yourcaremoments.com. They send out various surveys (all of which pay a few $$ each to a PayPal account) that become part of overall research. In the light of full disclosure, the research is then sold but I think that the more information available about RA the better. You can learn more about the experience via Wren’s excellent post at https://rheumablog.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/your-care-moments-surveys-money-for-free/. If you want to sign up, the registration link is www.yourcaremoments.com.

So, enjoy, if you wish to participate. Even though I don’t have tattoos, I loved the slide show and the various stories people shared. I’ve chosen not to participate in the Your Care Moments surveys, but that’s a purely personal decision (I can’t take advantage of every opportunity I’m offered) and has nothing to do with the validity of their program.

Thanks for checking in.