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Well, I’m sort of still on a drug strike. Temporarily.

I had my follow-up with my rheumatologist yesterday and we revisited my treatment plan. She actually wasn’t cross with me for staying off Kineret once I returned home from Europe and got over the crud.

As noted before, I’ve been through all the biologics except for Rituxan and Actemra and, after some discussion, she is prescribing Actemra. This is an Interleukin-6 inhibitor which I haven’t tried before so I am hopeful that this may be the “magic” solution that will not only be effective, it might actually last. Additionally, the drug is administered either via injection or infusion and she allowed me to choose my preference of an injection rather than infusion. Kineret is a daily injection, so it will be nice to go back to a once-a-week schedule rather than having to do daily pokes. (Four injections a month vs. 30 injections. I mean really, how great is that?)

Of course, now I have to struggle through all the insurance pre-approval circus (yet again), so who knows when I might actually start on the drug. The fact that I’m still on 10 mg of prednisone so am not feeling horrible makes me a bit more patient about it.

Hopefully everything will be approved quickly and the self-imposed drug strike will end on a happy note.

I hope whatever is new in your life today brings a smile with it. Thanks for checking in.