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As you may know, I’m pleased to be associated with Creaky Joints and their Joint Decisions initiatives that provide so much valuable information and resources for people with RA and similar chronic and inflammatory joint diseases (see www.JointDecisions.com).

On Wednesday, June 3, Megan Park (well-known for her role in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) disclosed that she lives with RA and has partnered with Joint Decisions to help raise awareness of RA and further Joint Decisions’ goals to empower and educate those with the disease. She will be featured on Joint Decisions’ first web chat of the new season, “Unlocking Energy: Understanding the Important Role of Movement and Nutrition in Managing your RA” on June 15. (The full schedule and a registration link appears below.)

Joint Decisions has a crack website team that created a “content capsule” that would have allowed me to include some really cool information from their site. What they didn’t count on was that, even with a tutorial, I apparently don’t have the technical ability to embed that content in my blog, so please visit www.JointDecisions.com to see all the exciting things they have going on and avail yourself of all the great resources and information there.

This season’s Joint Decisions web chat line up:

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