Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s just me on prednisone, but it seems like my dealings with the medical profession are increasingly frustrating lately. This is unfortunate because I seem to be having a lot of medical interactions these days.

(The rest of this post is just going to be me venting, so if you want to skip it, please change the channel now. 🙂 )

I reported earlier that I had a GI situation for which I couldn’t get into see the gastroenterologist until the first week of July. Okay. That wasn’t what I wanted, but I was dealing with it. Until Sunday when said situation sent me to the emergency room.

After exams, blood work, consultations and discussions, the ER guy said I need a surgical procedure to correct the situation. He was going to consult with my GI guy and come back with a plan.

After speaking to my GI guy, the ER doc came back and said that I had basically two options. They could keep me in the hospital and they could move forward with the procedure, assigning whichever of my GI guy’s partners was available. Or, according to the ER guy, the GI guy said that he would somehow work me into his schedule in the next few days before he left town.

It’s not really a life-threatening situation and I don’t like hanging around hospitals, so I opted to go home and schedule the procedure with the doctor that I know.

So it’s now Monday. I spent a great deal of time today coordinating with GI guy’s staff (who took me at my word about what GI guy said to the ER guy about doing the procedure). I spent even more time getting things coordinated with the surgical center. My husband rearranged his schedule this week so he could be with me and that included rescheduling a rather critical medical procedure of his own. I reorganized meetings, moved things to conference calls, cancelled physical therapy appointments, and basically cleared the decks for the second half of the week so I could have the procedure and have recovery time.

Then GI doctor’s office calls me back. They said they finally talked to the doctor who saw that I had been scheduled for the procedure Wednesday morning. He said what he told the ER guy was that he would work me in to be seen IN THE OFFICE for an exam — not that he would schedule the procedure (for which the ER doc was going to admit me and do that day).

I understand him wanting to see me for himself before committing to a surgical procedure. But it may be another week before he can schedule me for the procedure (assuming that he deems it necessary). If I had stayed at the hospital, I could have already had it done and be home (and saved $200 emergency room copay, which they waive if they actually admit you).

I’m sure it was a simple miscommunication between what the GI guy said and the ER doctor heard, but it certainly has caused me (and my husband) an amazing amount of frustration today.

ARRRGHHH! (This is steam coming out of my ears …)

Sorry to keep venting lately, but I really appreciate you listening. Thanks for checking in.