After what seems like forever that I’ve been whining, I thought I would update the blog with some positive progress. One thing I’ve learned over the years is the truth in the statement, “This, too, shall pass” and many of the dispiriting things with which I’ve been dealing lately are, thankfully, on their way out.

  • The insurance hurdles on my new RA drug, Actemra, have been cleared and I received my first shipment from the specialty pharmacy today. There was a mix up in the dosage amount (they sent me enough for a weekly injection rather than one every other week), so the good news is I have twice medication as much for the same copay. I will provide some updates once I start taking it and it has some time to start working. And hopefully this will also mean that I can start tapering off the prednisone.
  • Physical therapy on my knee is almost over. My last appointment is tomorrow. I do think that it’s helped, which is a good thing. It’s also gotten me into the swimming pool for a workout either before or after my appointment which is even a better thing.
  • I had the diagnostic procedure for the GI issue and things are about as good as they can be. There wasn’t anything horrible found and the issues I was having don’t seem to be related to my RA or other inflammatory diseases which is all good. I’m on a two-week course of medication to calm things down. At some point in the future if I develop issues again, I may need to have some corrective work done, but for right now, things are improving.
  • The antibiotics seem to have cleared up the infected tooth I had.

We’re still facing some of my husband’s medical issues and work continues to be a bear, but there is a huge sense of relief each time one of these major things is resolved.

Thanks so much for listening to my whining and for all the great support I have received the last couple of weeks. There are many things for which I’m grateful and the virtual friends I’ve made through this blog are certainly at the top of the list.

I hope that whatever is on top of your list today brings a smile to your face. Thanks for checking in.