So after all the doctor visits, lab tests, phone calls, insurance approvals and associated confusion, I received my first shipment of Actemra — the latest biologic in my quest to find something that works. It’s an Interleukin-6 inhibitor and while I’ve read the literature on how this drug works, the main thing is that it’s a different kind of drug than I’ve taken before. I’ve worked my way through all the other drugs except Actemra and Rituxan and since I’ve “failed” on everything else, the hope is that a different kind of drug will bring some hope. The issue is that I seem to build up an immunity to the drugs — they’ll work for a while, then eventually my body figures them out and builds up a resistance to them, just like it will build up a resistance to any other biologic agent like germs and viruses.

I was most recently on Kineret, which is a daily injection, so the opportunity to switch to a bi-weekly injection was a welcomed relief. Additionally, Kineret has a citric-acid based preservative in it and taking it felt a whole lot like pouring lemon juice into a paper cut. Every. Single. Day. (Did not make me look forward to taking the drug.)

So I took the first injection last Wednesday evening and was pleasantly surprised that other than the first little poke of the needle, I didn’t feel the injection at all. So far so good.

It wasn’t until sometime Thursday afternoon that I realized that I felt better than I had in months. I had been otherwise distracted on Thursday. I had to get up at 5:00 am in order to get my husband to the hospital for an out-patient procedure. The procedure was supposed to take about 30 minutes but he wound up being in surgery for more than five hours. So while I was sitting in the surgical waiting area I realized that I wasn’t as sore and stiff as I had been for a long time, even after spending hours in a somewhat uncomfortable sitting area.

Unfortunately that feeling of comfort and euphoria only lasted about 24 hours. By the time I was able to take my husband home on Friday, I was sore, swollen, and gimping around all over again.

But that brief reprise gives me some hope. It takes time for biologics to work and I am hopeful that if it worked for a short time on the first injection, it will work longer and longer each time.

I hope that your day brings relief and happiness as well. Thanks for checking in.

PS: My husband is doing great after his procedure.