Many of you that follow my blog know that I’m really delighted to work with the people at Creaky Joints ( One of my favorite things they do are the Joint Decisions web chats. The next one, “Shaping Your Story: Managing the Mental and Emotional Challenges of Life with RA,” is next Wednesday, August 5 at 6:00 pm Central. What’s really exciting to me is that this chat will feature Eduardo Flores, aka Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy ( RA Guy was one of the first blogs I found after my diagnosis and his insight, honesty, and wisdom helped me as he has helped so many others. I encourage you to “tune in” for this chat that will focus on the importance of emotional well-being for people living with RA. In addition to RA Guy, the chat will feature health psychologist Dr. Laurie Ferguson of Creaky Joints and rheumatologist Dr. Theresa Ford.

Here’s the registration link: