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So I saw my rheumatologist today. She could tell that I haven’t (yet) gotten the anticipated results from Actemra, so she’s increased the dosage from an injection every two weeks to an injection every week. The good news is that I haven’t had any side effects and my labs look good, so it should be safe to increase the dosage.

I also got a steroid shot. I had asked that she inject my ankle. My ankles have never really been a problem but lately they’ve been very painful, especially my right one. But the bursitis is also back in my left hip. She said she’d inject my ankle if that’s what I wanted but she could only inject 40 mg of steroids in the ankle, whereas she could inject 80 mg in my hip, and therefore the overall effect of the steroid would be greater.

So we’ve upped the ante on the medication. Let’s just hope the insurance and the specialty pharmacy and all the other holders of red tape go along with the plan and, once that happens, that there are some good results.

I hope the things that increased in your life today made you happy.

Thanks for checking in.