One of the best things about this blogs is the input and support I’ve received over the years via comments and I welcome hearing from those who read the blog.

But I would like to point out that this space is a personal blog and, not to put too fine a point on it, it’s MY personal blog. It’s not an open forum where anyone gets to publish anything they want. While I generally just “approve” comments I receive, I have drawn the line on comments that want to use this space as a personal platform for politics, religion, and biased or bullying remarks. I have strong personal opinions on these topics (and others) but I don’t post them here and I don’t approve others’ attempts to post them, either. This blog was created as a conversation space mainly to share experiences about rheumatoid and related diseases and help connect people who have them.

I received a comment on my post about alternative and “recognized” therapies that was a rant very passionate discourse against “Big Pharma”. I recognize that a lot of people hold similar views. Heck, I have good friends who hold those views. And while the comment did contain some interesting information about an alternative therapy that was working for the commenter, after some consideration, I disapproved the comment. To me, it crossed the line on using my blog as a platform to further their personal attack on the pharmaceutical industry. Whether I agree or disagree, that’s not what this blog is about. Is this censorship? Yep. No doubt. But that’s the great thing about having a personal blog. You not only have the right, you have a responsibility to ensure that its content stays true to the intent.

Within moments of hitting the “disapprove” button, I got a second comment that was a wholesale, full frontal personal attack on me for disapproving the comment. I guess my not wanting this person to use my blog for her personal soapbox makes me a bad person.

If you want to bash “big Pharma”, debate politics, condemn people of other races, religions, or sexual preferences, there are plenty of other forums for you to do so. Or you can create your own forum by starting your own blog. It’s a wonderful thing.

Not because of the second “hate mail” comment I got, but because parts of the first comment were informative and did have relevance, I have posted the part of the comment with the information about the great results received with CBD patches (a cannabis-based therapy). This is the kind of information I want to share with my readers – things that might be helpful or supportive of others. All comments of this sort are welcome.

Thanks for checking in.