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It’s been about 10 days since I got out of the hospital and I am making progress. Some mornings it doesn’t feel like it, but I look back at the way I was gimping around with my walker when I first got home and I’m definitely loads better.

The walker only lasted for the first day or so to help me get up and down, but even after I’d put it away in the closet, getting up and down took some effort. Now most of the time I’m getting around without thinking about it a lot. I have to remember to put on my back brace when I leave the bedroom (for the next three months …).

I still do get tired easily — mainly, I’m sure, because I haven’t been walking/exercising as I should. Instead I’ve mainly been working which involves sitting in front of a computer and being on the phone. Not good for anyone and especially not good for those of us recovering from back surgery.

But progress is definitely being made, albeit not as fast as I would like. But then that’s always the case.

The big change that’s come with this surgery is a definite shift in perspective away from career and toward taking better care of myself. That’s all I can say at this point, but I’ll clarify things in a later post.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful wishes and all their support. It has really, really meant a lot to me.

Thanks for checking in.