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So if you’ve seen the new Leonardo DiCaprio / Tom Hardy movie, Revenant, you know how brutal it is when the bear does actually get you. I have to say that my situation isn’t any where close to being that bad and that it’s improved greatly just since yesterday. However, the rosy picture I painted with my last “Good News” post has gotten a bit tarnished around the edges.

I took my second MTX injection on Sunday. By the end of last week, some of my regular, bellwether aches and pains (noticeably my ankles and feet) were starting to protest again in the mornings when I got out of bed. I suspected that this was a result of the MTX wearing off. Sure enough, Monday morning after the MTX shot on Sunday, those joints were once again quiet.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I woke up with this weird pain in the knuckle of my left index finger. I

See sore, swollen knot.

See sore, swollen knot.

don’t normally have pain in a single small joint. (Large ones like knees, yes. Small ones like knuckles, no.) It’s usually all involved like from the ankles and down across my feet or from my wrist to my finger joints. The day went on and the pain got worse. At times it was actually throbbing and it was very sensitive to the touch. Soon there was a red, swollen knot that had come up on this joint. I was afraid that I was getting an RA nodule. I associate nodules with elevated disease activity, so the fact I was experiencing this the day after I’d taken an RA medication was especially worrisome. After I did a bit more research I learned that RA nodules can actually be a side effect of taking methotrexate! Today the spot is not quite as red, swollen or tender. Based on where it is, I also don’t think it’s a separate nodule as much as the joint being swollen out of shape. If it’s still there in a couple of weeks when I see my rheumy, I’ll find out more.

The other bad news is that yesterday I learned my disability claim had been denied. This was a real blow because I’ve basically been without an income since mid-November when I left the workforce to concentrate on my health. However, today when I spoke with the disability company, I learned that the claim status had changed because they were missing a key form/piece of information from my rheumatologist and they couldn’t complete the determination until they got it. So they retransmitted the form to my rheumy this morning and I followed up with the practice to make sure they were on alert to get it turned around. I also asked that they include a cover letter from my doctor that stated that in her clinical opinion the claim should be approved due to my inability to work on a full-time basis. Hopefully when all that gets done the claim will get approved. The good news is that the claim hadn’t been denied because they had determined that I am still well enough to work full time. That determination can lead to protests and all kinds of issues. We may still wind up there, but it doesn’t sound like it at this point.

So that’s the update on the battle as of today. I hope that today is the day you get the bear and not the other way around. Thanks for checking in.