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I love words. Not only do I believe that they’re one of the most powerful forces in the

From the Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia

From the Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia

universe, I’ve been blessed enough to make my living writing for more than 20 years. Once in a while I run across a new word that really resonates with me and I learned such a new term the other day: kinesiophobia. (Thank you, HealthSkills.wordpress.com!)

We all probably know what a phobia is: the fear of something. The “kinesio” part of the word comes from the Greek language and relates to the movement of the human body. Kinesiophobia, therefore, is the fear of movement.

This is most commonly seen when people either avoid doing something altogether (such as stop taking the stairs in favor of the elevator) or modify either how they’re doing something or the duration that they do it. I have certainly been guilty of this and I know other RA sufferers have as well. Fellow RheumatoidArthritis.net contributor Tamara Haag wrote about several personal examples of this in her recent excellent article, “Tentative me.” More times than not, this behavior is insidious and sneaks into our daily lives without our even realizing it.

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