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Thought I’d update you with other adventures that haven’t (yet) turned out well, one Social-Security-Disability-Claim-Deniedof the most important being my disability claim that has been denied. I’m not surprised but this means that I am now going to have to take hours, days, weeks and maybe months to go through the appeal process — all the while without an income.

I told my PCP about the situation and they assured me they would write whatever medical or legalese that needed to be submitted to help support this effort.

My rheumatologist, who actually called the company to find out what they heck they needed to get the claim approved was incensed. When she spoke to the analyst, he explained the form he needed and told her that when they received that, “…she’d be good.” My rheumatologist took this to mean that once they received the form from her, my claim would be approved. My rheumatologist (and her very patient staff) have all pledged their support in getting this claim pushed through.

So I have requested a copy of my entire claim file — not only the medical records and physicians’ statements, but all the insurance company’s analysis and other notes. And I have an appointment with a disability lawyer next week.

I knew this would be trying, but with everything else going on in my life, summoning the energy to go to battle wears me out just thinking about it. But there is such a major difference in income (vs. Social Security disability) that I can’t not move forward.

Sorry to keep whining. I know that all this will work out and I’ll have some good news to report, just not quite at the moment. 😦

Thanks for checking in.