Well the other shoe dropped today on my “(Mis) Adventures in Mammography“. I had the follow-up appointment to do the aspiration procedure, possibly followed by a biopsy.

Things didn’t go quite as smoothly this time when I got there as last week. They hadn’t preregistered me or cleared my insurance, so we had to muck about with that for a few minutes. But that was basically all the bad news to be had.

I had the same great, funny, engaging doctor who read my initial sonogram last time, so I was relieved to be working with someone I sort of knew. Other than a bit of stinging, initially when he injected the lidocaine to numb the area, and then a bit more when he started drawing out the fluid, the procedure wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

The doctor was able to completely aspirate the cyst, meaning that it was a “complicated” simple cyst and not a “complex”, potentially malignant situation. As such, we didn’t have to do a biopsy or any other follow up (except perhaps be a bit more diligent about self-exams than I have been). It turned out that I was facing the monitor and could watch the needle go in and the cyst shrink as the fluid was drawn out. It was really pretty cool.

A bandaid later, I was able to dress, leave and have my husband buy me lunch.

In other news, I have my initial meeting with the disability lawyer in a couple of days. I hope this streak of good news continues.

I hope your day is filled with good news as well. Thanks for checking in.