I received this because I am a member of Creaky Joints, but it is an important subject for anyone who is now or may in the future receive an infusion. I apologize that it didn’t copy very well from the email, but the link should take you to the site. If you agree after reading the information, I urge you to sign the petition.

Dear CreakyJoints member,
Our friends at the rheumatologist advocacy organization Coalition for State Rheumatology Organizations (CSRO) are asking for help from patients across the country in signing their Change.org petition.
Click here to sign
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are in charge of setting the reimbursement rate for professionals administering Medicare Part B medications including all that are infused by professionals at doctor’s offices, infusion centers, and hospitals. Essentially, CMS dictates how much professionals are paid for buying, storing and handling, and administering Medicare Part B drugs.   For years, CMS has traditionally paid at a rate of the average sales price of the drug plus six percent (also known as ASP+6%). On March 11th, CMS released a proposal that would dramatically change this payment structure. CMS wants to run a real world experiment over the next five years where half of providers will continue to receive ASP+6%. The other half will receive a lower ASP+2.5% rate plus a fixed $16.80 payment.   The part of the experiment that pays providers at ASP+2.5% is so low that it will seriously threaten many infusion centers and doctor’s offices. These places may have to close their doors and stop providing infusions. For us patients, our only option going forward would be to receive our infusions in large hospital out-patient settings. These options are often much more expensive for us.   What’s worse, CMS released this proposal without engaging with any of the stakeholders who will be impacted. This was done behind closed doors without respect for transparency or patient-centered care.   Let’s stand with our doctors and infusion centers and sign the CSRO petition telling CMS this real-world experiment is not acceptable.
The CreakyJoints team