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plant-seedlingI seem to be growing things.

Unfortunately I’m not talking about yummy vegetables or fragrant blossoms. I’m not even talking about gorgeous fingernails or long, lustrous hair.

I’m talking about weird lumps and bumps and things I’d rather not have.

I have already documented the cysts that showed up on my mammogram. Enough said about those.

Around the same time that those appeared, I was undergoing physical therapy on my left calf. My therapist found a rather large (painful) nodule on my tendon. As she put it, I have nodules where I’m not suppose to have them. Since then, there have been some smaller nodules show up in the same area.

And most recently, I had a sonogram which revealed a small nodule on my thyroid glad. We’re discussing a CT scan or MRI next. Thyroid nodules aren’t that unusual, especially as you get older — except for the fact that I’m on a drug that causes thyroid cancer in animals and may contribute to it in humans.

I will probably have Achilles tendon/ankle surgery in early summer and those nodules will get addressed then if they, in fact, need anything more than to be left alone. I have my annual physical in about a week and we’ll discuss the thyroid concerns at that time (and we’ll have my thyroid labs back by then as well).

Individually, none of this is very concerning and none of it seems to be directly related to RA. It’s just weird that I seem to be growing these weird lumps and bumps all at once. These have all popped up in the last 60 to 90 days.

I hope whatever lumps or bumps show up in your life are the result of wonderful adventures. Thanks for checking in.