You know that question they ask? The one where they want you to rate your pain on a scale from one to ten. Sometimes there’s even a chart with a smiley-faced “one” that progressively changes into a very unhappy “ten”. I hate that question. First of all, the person asking it may not really care, they’re just filling out a form. Secondly, RA-related pain can vary not only from day-to-day but minute-to-minute, so how do you quantify it?

I once built my own pain scale based around Disney’s Seven Dwarfs. The scale ranged from “Happy”, meaning no pain, to “Doc” when it hurt badly enough to see a doctor, to “Dopey” when I had to take enough pain medicine that I wasn’t functioning very well. It wasn’t any more useful than the “one-to-ten” scale, but it was a lot more fun.

Doctors and patients both will tell you that pain is very subjective. What is extremely painful for one person can be perceived as mildly painful for another. There is a lot of discussion of why this is including individual tolerances for pain as well as associated emotional elements. And while perception really is often reality, it seems that it would helpful for everyone if there were clinical, quantitative ways to actually measure pain.

Which brings me to something very interesting that’s been happening to me.

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