May is Arthritis Awareness Month. Usually starting in April I get inquiries from various groups asking my help in raising awareness of RA and other arthritic conditions. I don’t mind helping out a good cause, but I tend to point out (rather obviously, I think) that people who read my blog are already aware of arthritis. We don’t need reminding. In fact, what most of us want is to become UNAWARE of arthritis. We want all the pain, stiffness, fatigue and other symptoms and especially medical bills to just disappear so we are completely unaware that we’ve ever had the disease.

(This reminds me of the story of Johnny Cash when he played Folsom Prison. He was told not to sing any songs that reminded the men that they were in prison. His wry reply was along the lines of, “Why? Do you think they’ve forgotten?”)

Most of us are caught in the dichotomy of wishing people understood our disease better and going to great lengths to keep it invisible to other people. It’s a tough balance.

I do what most of us do. I show up when I’d rather lie down.

Invisibility is important to many people for lots of reasons. But awareness is crucial for a lot of important reasons, too.

I don’t necessarily want to repeat myself fully here, but in honor of Arthritis Awareness Month, I invite you to read a favorite post of my entitled, “Being (In)visible” at RheumatoidArthritis.net. https://rheumatoidarthritis.net/living/invisible/

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