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I wrote about this subject a while back when I discovered my insurance company had listed all my lab/test results for the two-year period I had been covered with them on their website where I could refer to them. https://carlascorner.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/privacy-what-privacy/ And I also assume that the several thousand people who do customer service work for the insurance company could see them as well. I questioned (as I still do) the insurance company’s right to the information (and when/where I gave it to them) and certainly their right to publish it in such an open forum.

Let me just say that I am and will eternally grateful for insurance companies. Without them, my health and quality of life, which is dependent upon affordable health care, would be in a far different state than it is today. I further highly respect their fiscal responsibility to try to control health care costs. But I tend to think the boundary line needs to be drawn at approving procedures and medications, not being privy to personal test results. Or giving medical advice (which is the doctor’s job).

This has pissed me off come up again because I just received a letter from my current insurance company. It’s actually entitled a “Care Consideration” that’s an alert about something that might be improved. In this instance, they’re recommending that I get a Hepatitis B vaccination. I’m not exactly sure why they think this — they didn’t say. I suspect that it’s because one of my liver enzyme tests is slightly elevated and has been for some time. Between being a bit overweight (which translates into fat in the liver) and taking some very strong RA drugs that can affect the liver, you can pretty much anticipate things to be a lot more out of whack than they are. My gastroenterologist, my rheumatologist, and my primary care physician (PCP) have all weighed in on my liver enzymes and I’m monitored with lab work every four weeks. NONE of my doctors have said a word about getting the Hepatitis B vaccine. So where does the friggin’ insurance company come off giving me medical advice?

And then I kind of laughed because I immediately wondered if they would even cover it, even though they recommended it.

As it turns out I have an appointment with my PCP next week for the medical clearance for my upcoming ankle surgery. Being the good patient I am, I am taking the “Care Consideration” letter along with me. The discussion will no doubt cause my blood pressure numbers to go through the roof. I wonder what my insurance company will say about that?

I hope whatever care consideration there are in your life bring you a smile. Thanks for checking in.