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My BFF and fellow blogger Wren has just posted a very personal account on how the now-radical war on opioids can affect the patient — in this case her: https://rheumatoidarthritis.net/living/the-war-on-opioids-comes-home/

The following is the comment I left on the article and I invite you to read both her article and peruse the Academy of Pain Management Physicians’ position papers. Anyone with a chronic painful condition will be directly impacted by the FDA’s new initiatives. We will be the victims.

A major part of this situation is that the FDA and professional organizations are enforcing this war on opioids through pressure on the physicians who prescribe the drugs. While physicians were once patient advocates for pain medication, they are now in the position of potentially protecting their professional licenses by only prescribing the drugs for severe circumstances such as post-surgical and cancer pain. Your strategy of seeing a pain-management physician is a good one. The American Academy of Pain Management Physicians (which is a strong voice of sanity in this seemingly one-sided discussion) has a number of position papers that invite reason and compassion as well as the appropriate prescription of opioids. They can be found here: http://www.painmed.org/press/position-statements/