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Two weeks ago tomorrow I underwent gastrocnemius contracture surgery with a platelet-rich-plasma injection (PRP). Today was my first surgical follow up and the doctor thinks I’m doing as well as I think I am (which is always a good thing).

I traded the stitches in the back of my calf for a series of steri-strips that will fall off in a couple of weeks. While everything is still colored brilliant bruise hues of purples, blues and greens, everything seems to be healing nicely. The really big news is that while I still have to wear my (stupid, hot, uncomfortable) boot during the day and generally walking around, at night I can switch to a lightweight splint that fits on top of my foot. I haven’t really had any pain from the surgery, but the boot is making me crazy, causing pain in my heel and with a Morton’s neuroma I have in that foot. Consequently I wake up frequently at night from that pain. Losing the boot gives me hope for a decent night’s sleep.

I think I’m making good progress. I can walk around the house without crutches or a cane, although on the few occasions I’ve been out of the house, I’ve taken a forearm crutch with me, more for stability than really needing the support.

I’m still a few weeks out from physical therapy, but I’m to start some gentle ankle pumps and rotations, just to help keep things limber. I’ve also been cleared to drive, which is great. My husband has been acting as my chauffeur and I’m sure he’s relieved as well.

The other news is that the doctor has asked me to further delay restarting my RA meds. If it were just a question of wound healing, I’d probably be okay to start back with my Actemra infusion and methotrexate injections. My next infusion should have been this week and I’ve been off methotrexate for three weeks now. The issue is that there is not a lot of data of how these drugs interact with the PRP. And since we don’t want to go to all the trouble of doing the injection, we don’t want to undo it by getting anxious about restarting the RA medication. However, the doctor did approve a low-dose of prednisone in the meantime. Historically, this has been enough to keep me from going into a serious flare, at least for a short period. (Fingers crossed.)

So all in all, a good report. I hope whatever reports you have in your life are also good news. Thanks for checking in.