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Lara Spencer is a well-known television personality. Among other things, she covers pop news and entertainment for the highly rated Good Morning America show and hosts the reality show Flea Market Flip.

An athletically trim, bubbly person, last Thursday Lara announced on national television that she would be undergoing hip replacement surgery at the young age of 47. She had the surgery over the weekend and I hope that her procedure and recovery are as wildly successful as mine were. (The first words out of my mouth after my hip replacement surgery were, “This feels so much better.”)

Near the end of the seven-minute segment (about minute 6 — see below), Lara spent some time talking about how all-consuming chronic pain can be. How pain can take over your life and how it affects you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Thank you, @LaraSpencer.

It seems that the only time we hear about famous people and pain is when they’ve checked into a rehab facility because they’ve abused opioid drugs. Having a high-profile individual like Lara Spencer talking about the realities of chronic pain in such a public forum is amazing. It brings the incredible suffering caused by chronic pain to the forefront and makes it harder for legislators to undermine its devastating effects. (Thereby passing legislation that denies much-needed medication to those that desperately need it.)

The thing about famous people is that they are, in fact, people. Statistically, they should suffer chronic pain just like the rest of us. I understand that they work to have a “perfect” persona. But if we could get more brave, famous people like Lara Spencer to speak about chronic pain, perhaps we could reverse the travesty of the current environment that makes ongoing pain medication an endangered species.

Thank you, Lara Spencer. Sincerest wishes for a full recovery from someone who has been through it.

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The segment can also be seen here.