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Thought I’d provide some updates with what’s going on in my life at the moment:

  • Somehow it completely slipped by me that I’ve been nominated by WEGO Health for “Best in Show.” (Darn that overactive spam filter!) Apparently it’s something that you can vote on, but there some other amazing advocates that have been nominated. For truly inspirational stories and to vote for someone really deserving, see the list of nominees here: https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees. Thank you WEGO!
  • I’m getting pretty discouraged. My current Actemra infusions don’t seem to be working well any more. My rheumatologist also cut back my methotrexate dosage in an effort to overcome some of the fatigue I’ve been having. I’m still fatigued but I am really missing the extra MTX. So overall feeling crappy. As I told a friend: there used to be days when I didn’t get out of the house. Now there are days when I don’t get out of bed.
  • My refrigerator has been out of order for over a month. We’re subsisting on an “Plan B” apartment-size fridge in our garage. I’ve had three technicians visit. Still not working. Finally received a part today that will hopefully solve the problem. Now all I need is the technician to come install it. As it stands, they’re not scheduled back until next week but I am hopeful I can get someone to show before then. Sigh. It’s not only difficult to cook, both my husband and I have some very expensive medicine that needs to be refrigerated. If the “stunt fridge” fails, then we could be out a couple of thousand dollars. At least the fridge repairs are covered by warranty.
  • Next week is my final check up on my gastrocnemius contracture surgery as well my one-year (and final) check-up on my second spinal fusion surgery. It will be nice to get both of those items checked off. I’ve recovered remarkably well from the gastrocnemius contracture surgery, although I’ve been having a lot of pain inside the ankle joint. I suspect it’s because the ankle is now moving differently/more freely than it was, but I’m planning on asking the surgeon to take an X-ray while I’m there just to make sure something hasn’t gone wonky. (“Wonky” is a highly technical medical term that many of you will recognize. Lots of people with RA have wonky bits.)

Other than that, life goes on here in Dallas. It looks like our highs will finally drop into the 80’s next week so I am hopeful that we will finally start getting some cooler fall weather.

I hope that whatever’s going on in your life brings a smile to your face. Thanks for checking in.