I ran across an interesting study the other day on pain in America that was reported by Rheumatology Network. While there is some very interesting data about pain in the US, a major focus of this discussion was Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, better known as NSAIDs.

NSAIDs are a major weapon in the battle against pain as they not only help relieve pain, they also relieve inflammation. As you can imagine, a lot of people with arthritis (of all kinds) take NSAIDs. They’re available as a prescription but there are also many forms available over-the-counter (OTC) including such brand names as Advil®, Aleve®, and Motrin®1. The most commonly available NSAID is aspirin. NSAIDs are in such widespread use that in 2014, 123 million prescriptions were filled for them in the United States, according to an audit from IMS Health and one-third of the general population have used over-the-counter NSAIDs.

Even at the lower-dose OTC levels, these are powerful drugs and, as such, can have powerful side effects. While the most common are associated with stomach issues, NSAIDs also carry warnings for more serious complications including heart and kidney problems.

I found a couple of very interesting things about this study:
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