I think it was Labor Day weekend when I heard the first “snowflake” commercial and had this immediate “holiday alert” jolt. At the time I was cleaning in the kitchen and had a spray bottle of cleaner in my hand. It was a full-size bottle with a standard pull spray trigger and it was literally killing my hands to use it. I thought to myself, “Self, you should get some smaller spray bottles with the full-hand triggers that are lighter and easier to use.” Then I remembered I’d probably need four or five of them for each cleaner that I use and since they cost $5 to $10 each, that I’d probably wind up not buying them.

But what a great gift idea for someone with RA. So many times we think about things that would make our life easier, but they somehow get pushed from the “need” list to the bottom of the “want” list.

Between now and Valentine’s Day, it’s full-on gift-giving season. Here are some ideas that come to mind that would make thoughtful gifts for someone who struggles with RA.

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