If some days are better than others, that means that some days are also worse than others. It seems like I’ve had a lot of those in my life lately.

I think it’s easier to tell that a new treatment isn’t working that being able to discern when an existing treatment quits working. For me, it’s a gradual process. Eventually I start to wonder if my RA is getting worse. Then I realize that I’m not getting the “feel better” feeling that often comes from the latest injection/infusion. Finally I get to the point where I don’t feel like I’m on anything at all.

All this takes weeks, if not months, which is a long period of time to feel crappy. New biologic treatments can take up to three months to become effective, so by the time you finally switch, you still have another 90 days of not feeling as good as you might.

Early last November my rheumatologist and I agreed to the switch to Simponi Aria. It wasn’t until several weeks later in December (due to some screw ups in getting the insurance approvals) that I got my first loading infusion which was supposed to be followed in four weeks by a second loading dose. Due to the New Year’s holidays and further screw-ups/confusion, I was a week late getting the second loading dose.

Side street in Barcelona

Side street in Barcelona

But thank goodness for prednisone. My husband took a Thanksgiving trip to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain and even though I had some tough days, I managed the 10-day trip fairly well. We’ve come to expect there will be days when I lay around the hotel and my husband gets “let off the leash” to go exploring on his own with his camera.


The good news is, I think I’m feeling better. I don’t know if it’s the Simponi Aria kicking in or whether it’s because I’m actually keeping my New Year’s resolution to get some exercise most days (right now it’s walking 30 minutes at least 4X a week). While I still have days (and especially nights) that are challenging, I have noticed more days where it feels really good to get out and walk.

I used to tell people there were some days I didn’t feel like getting out of the house. Then there were the days I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Fortunately, those days seem to be getting fewer and further between.

I hope your day is good and that you’re feeling well. Thanks for checking in.