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I guess the really good news is that although it’s close to four schools ranging from elementary to high school, the area where I was walking has light traffic so I don’t have to worry about hysterically funny videos of me proliferating the Internet. In fact it was several minutes before anyone noticed me lying face down on the sidewalk. Eventually a landscape worker a few houses away saw me. By that time, I had righted myself enough to where I could sit on the curb and waved to let him know I was okay.

It happened at the 1.5 mile marker of my two-mile walk. I had posted earlier that I have been walking on a regular basis and gradually increasing how many steps I have been getting during the day. This week I hit the two-mile mark for the first time and was going for a repeat performance.

It was one of those stupid things that just happen. My foot caught an uneven piece of sidewalk and before I could catch myself, I pitched headlong onto the concrete. I took the brunt of the fall on my right side, landing hard on my hand, shoulder, hip and knee, twisting my ankle in the process and knocking off my sunglasses.

Probably what saved me from further damage was the cooler weather. After several days of spring temperatures, the weather had turned cool enough that I put on a jacket and gloves. When I hit the sidewalk, it scraped off a two-inch round patch of leather off the palm of my glove. This would have been skin without the glove. My jacket avoided much damage but I believe added some padding that helped cushion my fall.

My husband’s office is only a couple of miles away and, since I knew I couldn’t make it the rest of the way home under my own power, I called him and he was gracious enough to come rescue me. (I’m still proud I got 1.5 miles in!)

Today the red welts on my hand, elbow, hip and knee have bloomed into a bouquet of multi-colored bruises. Interestingly the worst is a deep purple bruise on the outside edge of my thumb. Beyond that, the other parts that I hurt — the wrenched shoulder, the tweaked back, the twisted ankle — are all screaming. No walks for me today.

Any kind of impact injury scares me. With three replaced joints and two levels of my spine held together by titanium rods and screws, I’m afraid that a fall, car wreck or something similar will pop something loose or even off.

Beyond that, like many RA patients, I’m probably at a higher risk for bone fracture than most. Steroids, such as prednisone or steroid shots, affect bone density and increase chances for osteoporosis. This is also true for proton-pump inhibitors (such as Prilosec, Prevacid, and Protonix) that are often taken along with prednisone and/or NSAIDs to help curtail stomach issues. While I get regular bone density screens (as should you), it’s a risk factor that we should all consider.

I’m fortunate that not much was damaged but my pride and I have now have an authentic reason to buy a good pair of end-of-season gloves on sale. That is once I can move well enough to make it to the mall.

I hope nothing bad goes boom in your life today (including you!). Thanks for checking in.