Even though I publish things on the Internet, it’s a bit weird to find out that people actually read them. Whenever I meet someone in person who reads my blog I immediately get self-conscious trying to remember what frustrations I’ve vented and whining I’ve done, suspecting this person probably thinks I’m probably a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

I just came back from an amazing trip where I ran across two people who read my blog. One was in the same meeting I was in and the other, who I will call “Barb”, turns out to be a friend of a friend (sort of).

At several points during the meetings I attended I was reminded of the importance of the RA community. While there is a lot of officially sanctioned/sanitized information about the disease available, community is where we learn about the true patient experience. Community, whether person-to-person or online, is where we connect with one another, get advice, give comfort and share what it’s really like to deal with this disease. Without community, we’re alone. With community, we have an army at our back.

And it’s my readers who continue to encourage and inspire me to keep writing after more than nine years. So to Barb, and the rest of you who have walked my journey with me, thank you.