One of the things I have enjoyed most the last few years as I’ve focused on my health is the opportunity to work with pharmaceutical companies. I’ve met some amazing, talented people who see the future of RA treatment from a very different perspective than I do. This has given me both insight and hope for both present and future people with not only this disease but related autoinflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

The downside of this is I’ve also been accused of “selling out” to big pharma and “being used.” Some of this is simply bias against the pharmaceutical industry but part of it is because patients who participate in these activities are often paid. It’s usually not much — I could make a lot more in the same amount of time in my mainstream consulting business. I do it because I sincerely believe that the patient voice needs to be heard and I’m thrilled that industry is listening.

I just ran across the following article by a cardiologist who has also worked with pharmaceutical companies and shares some of these same concerns. Obviously he works on a much different level than I, as a patient, do. However, his comments and perspective are both well-considered and relevant. I invite you to read it:


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