This is my first attempt at typing since surgery six days ago, so you can get over any expectations that this post will be error-free. 🙂

Not sure where to start. Surgery went well. Recovery so far has been rough, but all of this is expected. I told a friend I expected to be hit by a freight train so when it turned out only to be an 18 wheeler, it was a delightful surprise.

I’m not actually one for surprises, so finding out the afternoon before surgery that we were shifting gears to a reverse shoulder replacement (instead of a traditional, anatomical one) kind of threw me for a loop. I’ll explain when I’m more recovered but it’s a better option given my rotator cuff issues. The reverse basically means they switch where the ball/socket components are located. Here’s a picture of my new shoulder:

fluoroscope image of my reverse shoulder replacement – ball and socket are reversed

Recovery will be slow, but I think I’m on track. I can tell the new joint will be better than the one it replaced. There have been some expected and unexpected things. For example, I’m allergic to tape and, of course, I was taped from my neck to my elbow, but my doctor let me ditch the bandages, which was great. They did a brachial nerve block to help the pain and when I woke up I could neither feel nor move my entire arm, which was a bit concerning. Then the nerve block wore off (about 18 hours later) and I was wishing for it back.

The hardest part is just dealing with being left-handed. Not good at it and my left hand gets really tired of doing all the work. But if that’s the worst that happens, then I’ll be great.

I guess the point of this procedure is that I can recover from surgery, but I was never going to recover from the joint damage in the shoulder. That gave the decision a lot of clarity.

So that’s it for now. My follow up appt is in one week. If I don’t update before then, I’ll check in afterward.