I think we need to change our conversation with our doctors about pain because it’s not really about pain, it’s about getting our lives back. It’s about being productive and healthy and happy and feeling like doing the things we both want and need to do. It’s about the ability to enjoy life again. Pain has the power to take all of that from us.

I can’t help but notice that many alternative pain management methods steal an inordinate amount of time away from patients. While you’re soaking in a hot tub, or meditating, or doing exercises like Tai Chi, or reading, or doing acupuncture, or any one of the myriad other methods that are now being promoted instead of pain medication, you aren’t living your life – you’re dealing with your pain. How do you do these things when you have fulltime commitments like a job or a family? While these methods have been found to be effective, people are still putting their life on hold to deal with the situation.

So our goal, therefore, is to get our life back.

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