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I just came back from the PBM Policy Forum 2018 in Washington DC. (A PBM is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager – more about this below). Among the more than 140 companies, organizations and government offices participating, there were several notable state and federal speakers including Scott Gottlieb, the Commissioner of Food and Drugs for the FDA.

I use the term “speakers” very loosely because the government speakers managed to say a lot without saying much of anything (or at least anything new). Part of the reason for this is that President Trump is slated to speak this Thursday, April 26 on his drug pricing initiatives and the speakers from the federal government were loathe to potentially give any indications of what would be in the speech. Speculation abounds including this commentary from Marketwatch.

I will provide a more thorough update on what I learned at the meeting. However, there were 10 presentations in about five hours on very diverse topics and I’m trying to wrap my brain around how to condense this information into some meaningful content.

But there is no question that I have been outspoken about some of the PBM practices. Please see the previous few posts below and stay tuned for the update from the meeting:

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