I reported earlier that through the generosity of RheumatoidArthritis.net and credentials from IFAA,  I was able to attend the recent Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Policy Forum in Washington, DC. Describing the conference in one word, the word I chose was “disturbing.” I have provided a more complete report on this meeting and its consequences for patients here: https://rheumatoidarthritis.net/living/pbm-policy-forum/.

I have been somewhat outspoken about PBMs and their practices in previous posts which you can read here:

Note that in a couple of the referenced articles, I make reference to President Trump’s drug pricing speech scheduled for April 26. While he had time to visit the NRA annual convention on May 5, he hadn’t yet had time to speak to the country about drug pricing (which he finally did on May 11). I apologize for the incorrect date references. I was just quoting what the President promised.

Thanks for checking in.