Interestingly, I first wrote about being told I was developing cataracts in December 2011 — about 6.5 years ago. I’d already started having issues seeing/driving at night, but other than that had no other issues that I could tell.

Fast forward until now.

My right eye has always been my “dominate” eye, but at the first of the year I noticed that the vision was considerably more blurry. If I wanted to see something clearly, I would close that eye. My annual checkup with my retina doctor confirmed that it was finally time to address the issue.

I had the right eye done about a month ago and the left eye done yesterday. I couldn’t be happier.

The procedure itself, while stressful since (after all) it is your EYE they’re messing with, was quick and virtually painless. The worst part for me was starting the line for the light anesthesia, since I’m a hard stick.

The best part? You can see better immediately. I have to say, however, that has some downsides. I discovered that I have a lot more wrinkles than I thought I did. But having RA and waiting patiently sometimes for months to see if a treatment will work, it’s amazing to have something so completely “right” after about 15 minutes in the surgery suite.

There really isn’t much downtime involved. Since I was the “first case” both times, my husband took me to breakfast afterward, then I slept off the drugs for about a half a day. I drove myself both times to the next-day checkup. They want you not to overdo for about a week and not do things that would increase the pressure in the eye, such as heavy lifting or too much bending where your head is below your heart.

With my right shoulder reverse replacement and now both cataract surgeries behind me, I hope I’m done with surgeons for a while! It’s been a busy 2018 so far.

Thanks for checking in.