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Below is a screen shot from my phone. It shows the sleep tracking from my Fitbit. The red parts are when I was awake. It’s pretty easy to tell from this picture when I got up, took two (more) Tylenol®, and finally got some decent sleep.

We’ve all been there. All those little aches and pains that we don’t notice (or simply ignore) during the day when we’re busy seem to magnify themselves in the dark quiet of the night. That slightly sore ankle, knee, hip or shoulder suddenly takes over your whole attention and will not let you get comfortable and go to sleep.

What I didn’t realize is that it’s a two-way street. According to the research, sleep complaints are present in up to 88 percent of chronic pain disorders and at least 50 percent of individuals with insomnia—the most commonly diagnosed disorder of sleep impairment—suffer from chronic pain.

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