Even though I’m taking some time away, I couldn’t help but provide a mid-year update. It is, after all, July 1 and we’re now in the downhill slide into all the end-of-year frivolity. (It’s only 177 days until Christmas!)

I started the year with some (non) resolutions and I’m pleased to say that I’ve kept many of them. However, I’m also here to report that I have various new body parts, lots of airline miles and 15 extra pounds that I didn’t start the year with.

New Body Parts

As reported earlier, I had a reverse shoulder replacement in mid-February. I’m just over four months out and the shoulder is doing terrific — much better than my other shoulder which I had replaced about nine years ago. Seriously, it’s wonderful. Total recovery is a long process, but I have an amazing amount of strength and range of motion already.

I also had cataract surgery in both eyes. The second one was about two weeks ago and the first one was four weeks before that. Like my shoulder surgery, these new “eyes” have improved my life immensely. Surgery was easy, recovery has been good and my sight is fantastic. My only regret is that they didn’t have any options for X-ray vision eyes when I had them done. 🙂

I am hopefully done with surgery for 2018!

Airline Miles

In the midst of all that surgery, it seems like I’ve been traveling quite a lot the first half of the year. I went to Austin, Texas; Philadelphia (twice); Washington, D.C., Wichita, Kansas; Chicago; Nashville and Las Vegas. Most of these trips were related to my advocacy and were both enjoyable and productive. The trip to Wichita was to attend the memorial for my younger cousin who died of brain cancer and which still grieves me.

Travel is in store the second half of the year as well. While I’m sure there is more travel looming in my future, at the moment I have firm reservations for London and Norwich, UK; Munich, Nuremberg, and Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona; and Las Vegas (again).

Weight Gain

It’s really been a perfect storm. During all the surgery recovery, not only was I not exercising, my husband was responsible for a lot of meals which consisted mainly of take out. In addition, my cataract surgery recovery included eye drops that had prednisolone in them (!) so I was on steroids for eight weeks (four weeks for each eye). And, of course, traveling seems to put the pounds on everyone. Fifteen friggin’ pounds. Sheesh! And I worked so hard to take it off. Back to the alternate day fasting and exercise!

So that’s how my year has gone so far. I’m proud to say that I’ve done pretty well with my resolutions to find a better balance in my life, to try to consciously be kind to people (which is tough sometimes when you’re on steroids …), and to keep positive influences in my life. Sustaining the weight loss has been a challenge, but the year isn’t over yet.

I hope the first half of the year has been kind to you and that the rest of the year delivers on the promise of health and happiness to you and yours. Thanks for checking in.