I’ve been addicted to travel since I was a small child and I’ve infected my husband with the love of planes, trains, and automobiles — seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new foods. For several years now, we’ve planned “the trip” every year and this year “the trip” was very ambitious. I’m going to provide more details (and pictures!) on each of our main destinations, but I thought it would be good to give you an overview to start.

The “Trip” for 2018

We flew from Dallas to London where we stayed for five nights (with a side trip to Norwich) before flying on to Munich, Germany. We were there for three days (with a side trip to Ulm) before moving on to Nuremberg for a day by train. From Nuremberg, we traveled again by train to Berlin, staying four days before taking the train to Amsterdam. We were only in Amsterdam for two nights before flying home to Dallas. In all, we were gone for 17 days.

Like any trip, there were challenges. Some were funnier than others. Some weren’t funny at all (until later). But it all worked out. While (in hindsight) I might have made a few changes, I wouldn’t have missed the experience for anything. Each of the seven cities we visited had its own charm and reason to visit.

I am a fairly fearless traveler but I did have some trepidation going into the journey. London has had instances of terrorist attacks (the latest just a few days after we left) and the current political climate made me wonder about the reception American tourists were getting in Germany. But the people were wonderful and warm and helpful (even if they did laugh at me trying to speak German). Seriously, in German restaurants, we wouldn’t even have to say anything, they’d just hand us the English menu …

The other concern about the trip was how ambitious it was. There wasn’t a lot of “down time” in the schedule for rest and there was a lot of hauling luggage around. But my RA and I made it, even though my RA seemed to gripe a lot.

So welcome aboard my travels. I’m glad you’re here. I will include my poor excuses for pictures and, at some point when they’re available, provide a link to my husband’s more brilliant photos.

First stop, London (in the next blog post).

Thanks for checking in.