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Total time: 1 travel day plus five nights. Total steps walked: 52,574. Total miles walked: 21.6.

Note that pictures are below. I’m trying to figure out WordPress’s “gallery” feature so please bear with me! I think you can click on the pictures to get a bigger photo and “click” your way through them.

My husband and I love London. We’ve been coming about once a year for more than 15 years, so coming here feels like “old home week” to us. It’s a great stress-free place for us to start our vacation because we know our way around, understand the transit system, have some favorite restaurants and have stayed at the same hotel several times.

Our hotel, the St. Ermin’s, is conveniently located just off Victoria street within walking distance of lots of great sightseeing and restaurants and just a few steps from both the Tube (underground/subway) and bus lines. It used to be across the street from Scotland Yard, but Scotland Yard moved :-).

After flying all night Tuesday and being jet-lagged by six hours, the first day (Wednesday) was just a “get-there” day to get settled in.

The next morning (Thursday) we got up bright and early, took the Tube to Liverpool Station (ahem, that’s Liverpool STREET Station, as pointed out by Pollyanna Penguin below …) then caught a train to go to Norwich (about two hours northeast of London). There we had lunch with Pollyanna Penguin who has already posted about what great fun (and food) we had with her. One of our BFF’s and fellow bloggers is Wren who created a delightful greeting card for her. We had the opportunity to have some other RA bloggers and advocates sign the card, which I delivered to Polly over lunch. Below there’s a picture of Polly holding her card. (Note that Polly doesn’t show her picture on her blog, either, so I can’t really show it here, either …) But trust me, that really is the real Polly!

Friday we spent about town and taking a bit of rest before seeing “Young Frankenstein” at the theater. Saturday we visited a couple of markets, including the amazing Borough Market before venturing over to the new American Embassy.

Sunday, we visited the RAF Museum in Colindale. My dad served with the Army Air Corp in England during WWII and there is a display honoring the American units that were stationed there. We had a late Sunday roast (a British tradition) at the Beaufort — a wonderful pub close to the museum. Sunday night the hotel recommended the most amazing Italian restaurant — Il Vicolo — just a short walk across St. James Park from us, tucked away behind the Quebec house. It was much like eating at someone’s house (if that someone was a brilliant Italian chef). Then it was pack the bags and get ready to leave the next morning.

What would I change? The weather. We caught the tail end of the scorching heat wave that hit Europe. It was in the upper 80’s during the day, but the buses and underground trains were virtually like ovens. Other than that, London was truly wonderful.

Next stop: Munich!