Total time: 1 travel day, one exploration day, then travel day home. Total steps walked: 21,875. Total miles walked: 9.

Our trip from Berlin to Amsterdam was a great example of how international our travels really were. We shared our train compartment with a couple from Argentina. With our limited Spanish and their lack of English it seemed like it would be a very quiet six hours (which turned into eight because the train was late). But through the use of those limited words, Google translate and a lot of non-verbal communication, we were great friends by the time we got to Amsterdam.

We would up going to Amsterdam quite by accident. It just turned out that Amsterdam had the best direct flights back to Dallas from that part of the world, so it was a “why not?” kind of moment. We got there one day, had one day to truly explore then came home on the third day. I truly enjoyed the city and wish we had scheduled a real visit.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was Amsterdam’s airport. It’s huge and chaotic. Check in was a nightmare. The waiting lounge (equivalent to an Admirals Club) was a 20+ minute walk from our gate (dragging bags). We were then loaded on buses to the plane and got to climb up the equivalent of two flights of stairs to board our 777 airplane. Not the best ending to a great trip.

But Amsterdam was great. It was scenic, the people were great (when they didn’t run over you with their bicycles), lots of English spoken, amazing art and performances and the best food we had on the trip. The tram system made it very easy to get around and I’m already trying to talk my husband into our next trip. And before you ask, I didn’t “indulge” in the flourishing cannabis trade. I actually only saw two “coffee shops” and didn’t care for the looks of either, so I passed.

These pictures express my experience better than I could. A great city to finish our European adventure before returning home to Dallas!

Thanks for going on this journey with me!