Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted.

I went directly from our wonderful vacation to a major client project that has kept me slammed from early morning to late evening. It’ll be over in about 10 days, so hopefully I can provide more of an update.

I guess the RA news I have to share is that I went off MTX before the trip (end of July) and haven’t been back on it since. I didn’t really want to go through customs in multiple countries with hypodermic needles so I left them at home. I’m actually feeling better than when I was on MTX. I think part of my issues were the side effects of the drug (such as fatigue). I see my rheumy in a couple of weeks and we’re going to discuss staying off it.

Other than that, life is good and very, very busy. Even if your life isn’t busy, busy, I do hope its good. Thanks for checking in.