My list of things to write about keeps growing. I have all sorts of topics on my list — each of which I’m passionate about: personal experiences, news from the ACR meeting, updates on healthcare reform, health and the absurdities of life in general. But as anyone who writes will tell you, sometimes the writing muse just goes missing.

I’m doing really well. I’m still off MTX since the end of July. I’ve also extended the time between biologic infusions. I was on a six week infusion schedule. I stretched it last time to seven weeks, and have my next infusion scheduled for the standard eight weeks. While I’ve been a bit more achy and have a bit more morning stiffness, I actually feel great. My last labs were the best they’ve been in years, including my liver tests which are now normal after I’ve abandoned methotrexate.

I am having conversations with a former client about a longer-term, part-time working relationship. This will allow me to work with some great, smart people; be productive and put some extra $$ in the bank. At this point, it will no doubt be after Thanksgiving before that launches, but I’m looking forward to being professionally engaged again.

There is one fly in the ointment. Just in time for the holidays, I seem to have developed a tree-nut allergy. Fall in Texas means pecans: roasted salted pecans for munching, pecan pie, pecan waffles and muffins, pecan pralines, pecans and chorizo in the turkey stuffing, etc. etc. I had a pretty severe reaction the other morning when I had a small amount of granola and fresh raspberries with cashew milk for breakfast. I’ve occasionally had itchy skin/hives when I’ve overdone snacking on mixed nuts, but this time my mouth and throat were involved and the skin reaction was both immediate and significant. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve backed off the immunosuppressive medications or whether I’ve just naturally developed the allergy. I don’t think there’s anything to be done except avoid nuts but I have an appointment with an allergist in a few weeks to have the conversation. The good news is that peanuts are legumes, not tree nuts so I can still eat granola bars with peanuts and have peanut butter toast for breakfast. (Yes, I know that there is a chance for cross contamination because peanuts are generally processed in facilities that also process other nuts. Right now, I’m willing to take that chance.)

So I’m here. I’m doing well. I’m stalking all of you through your own blogs and social media posts and I promise that I will starting writing again.

Hugs to all. Thanks for checking in.