There is an old saying that goes something like, “Man plans, then God Laughs.” I must tell you that s/he must be ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing) at the moment. It’s not even the things I planned, it’s all the unplanned surprises that have overtaken my best intentions to be more diligent about my blog. (I apologize upfront if this is TMI … and I apologize even more for whining.)

  • We left the Saturday before Christmas for our annual holiday  trip. That day, while out of town, I not only lost a crown on a molar, I bit it as it came out, completely obliterating it. It was almost a week before I could get back to Dallas and my dentist. And because of the New Year’s holiday, the new crown (read $$$) is delayed coming in. I finally am having it fixed this week (hopefully).
  • The day after Christmas I had my annual gastroenterology checkup. There’s enough going on that I had to go in for an upper endoscopy last Monday. Things aren’t too bad, but my esophageal stricture had reformed and my doctor had to stretch things out again.
  • My new right shoulder (reverse shoulder surgery last February) has been amazing. Even the doctor has been impressed at how well things have gone. But I rather suddenly experienced debilitating pain when I moved my arm. I was good as long as I kept my elbow close to my waist but anything else was painful. I saw my surgeon last week and the replacement itself looks great. However, it’s apparent that I have a muscle tear. Rather than face yet another surgery in that shoulder that’s already had four (two rotator cuff repairs, a biceps tendon relocation and a total reverse replacement), we’re going a more conservative route and let it try to heal on its own. But that means I have to keep my dominant right arm in a sling for several weeks.
  • On top of the health issues we’ve had a rash of household/auto issues. The kitchen sink clogged and needed a plumber (over the holidays), our ancient garage door opener finally broke beyond repair and had to be replaced, and there is a car issue that is going to take some serious $$$ to fix.

All this in the last three weeks. Sigh.

The good news is that RA, at least, is still at bay. After being on more than 10 different treatment plans over the years, I’ve been on the same biologic now for more than two years and am doing well, even after abandoning methotrexate last July and stretching out my infusion schedule. Because of that, I took on some part-time work starting December. (Of course, all these health issues and especially being in a sling has impacted my ability to work.)

In other good news, on New Years Eve, my husband and I celebrated the 25th anniversary of our first date. We had oysters and beer at a little seafood dive and have gone back every year since to mark the occasion.

I am hopeful that the rocky start to the year is not a sign of how the rest of 2019 is going to progress. My fingers are crossed that I’m getting all the bad stuff out of the way during the first of the year and that the rest of 2019 will not only be amazing for me but for all of us.

Happy new year and thanks for checking in.